Αγρίμια κι αγριμάκια μου

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OriginalVersione inglese di Nafpaktiakos da
- Αγρίμια κι αγριμάκια μου,- My wildings and little wildings,
λάφια μου μερωμένα,my tamed deer,
πέστε μου πού'ναι οι τόποι σας,tell me, where are your lands
πού'ναι τα χειμαδιά σας;and where your winter quarters?
- Γκρεμνά'ναι εμάς οι τόποι μας,- Cliffs are our lands,
λέσκες τα χειμαδιά μας,leskes* are our winter quarters,
τα σπηλιαράκια του βουνούthe little caves of the mountain
είναι τα γονικά μας.are our parents.
* leskes (sing. leska) = an old cretan type of small house, which consists of a single room where the fireplace, the wine - press, the fire trivet. Leskes where used by wanderers, such as shepherds, but mostly by mountain partisans during the Ottoman rule.

The song, sung by Cretans during the period of Turkish domination, refers to the partisans that used to live in the mountains and fight for the freedom of their land.

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