O Sardigna patria nostra [O Sardigna, custa est s'ora]

Angelo [Anghelu, Anzelu] Caria
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O Sardigna, custa est s’oraOh Sardinia, this is the time
chi ti depes ischidarewhen you must wake up
e sos sardos tot’impareand may all Sardinians together
s’inde pesen in bonorarise up readily
Sa richesa sun furandeThey are stealing our wealth
in d’una manera indignain a despicable manner
e sas costas de Sardignaand overwhelming with concrete
de cimentu cucuzandethe coasts of Sardinia
A su mere colonialeTo the colonial master,
aperieli trumba ‘e foguthrow to him a swirl of fire
ca no paret prus su logubecause it looks no longer the same country
pro su chi nos an fatt’herisafter what they did to us yesterday
Una tanca fatt’a muru,An enclosure fenced by a wall,
fatta a s’aferra aferra:made seizing as much as you can:
si su chelu fit in terraif the sky were on earth
si l’aìan serradu puruthey'd enclose even that [1]
O Sardigna, patria nostra,Oh Sardinia, our fatherland,
de sa limba t’an privaduthey've deprived you of your language
e s’istoria t’an cubaduand have concealed your history
pro sichire in custa giostrato keep on this carousel
Unu fronte de unioneA united front
e chi trunchet sas cadenasthat breaks the chains,
non prus lagrimas nen penasnever more tears nor pain,
sotzialismu e libertadebut socialism and freedom
Resistentzia, resistentziaResistance, resistance
pro sa nostra libertade!for our freedom!
Chin sa sarda identidadeWith Sardinian identity
crescat s’indipendentziamay independence grow!
[1] A reference to the Italian laws of the nineteenth century who imposed the forced privatization of lands in contrast to the ancient Sardinian custom of common use of farming and grazing lands. The privatization often took place with fraud, leading abuses and oppressions, and took along a trail of revenges and hatreds. This strophe is taken from the poem “Tancas serradas a muru” by Melchiorre Murenu (1803-1854), known as the Sardinian Homer because of his early blindness.

Pagina della canzone con tutte le versioni

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