The Hearse Song (the Worms Crawl In)

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The old Grey Hearse goes rolling by,Did you ever think as the hearse rolls by
You don't know whether to laugh or cry;That some of these days you must surely die?
For you know some day it'll get you too,They'll take you away in a big black hack,
And the hearse's next load may consist of you.They'll take you away but won't bring you back.
They'll take you out and they'll lower you down,The men with shovels stand all around.
While men with shovels stand all a-round;They shovel you into that cold, wet ground.
They'll throw in dirt and they'll throw in rocks,They shovel in dirt and they throw in rocks.
And they won't give a damn if they break the box.They don't give a damn if they break the box.
The worms crawl in and the worms crawl out,And your eyes drop out and your teeth fall in,
They crawl all over your chin and mouth,And the worms crawl over your mouth and chin;
They invite their friends and their friends' friends too,And the worms crawl out and the worms crawl in,
And you look like hell when they're through with you.And your limbs drop off of you, limb by limb.

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