Ο Διγενής

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English translation / Μετέφρασε στα αγγλικά / Traduzione ingle...
Digenis agonizzaDigenes is in his death throes
ma la terra ne ha pauraAnd earth is afraid of him
e trema la pietra tombale:And the gravestone shudders before him
come farà a coprirlo?How will it cover him?
Ché nel guardarlaFor from where he lies
dice parole di valoroso:He speaks words befitting a brave man:
Magari la terra avesse scale"Would that the earth had steps
e il cielo maniglieAnd the heaven rungs
per farmici salireFor me to tread the steps
e farmici aggrappare,To grasp the rungs
per ascendere al cielo,To mount to heaven
per mettermici a sedereTo stoop down and sit
e per farlo tremare!To make heaven shake."

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