14 luj. Complènta për la sità 'd Turin

Nino Costa
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Pioroma, 'nt l'ora neira dël destinLet's cry in the dark hour of fate
Pioroma, gent, per la sità 'd TurinLet's cry, folks, for the city of Turin
Quatòrdes Luj: 'na neuit ëd lun-a pien-aFourteenth of July: a full-moon night
E ij nemis son rivà 'nt l'aria seren-a.And the enemies came through the bright air.
Son rivà con le bombe sota l'alaThey came with the bombs under the wing
E la povra Turin l'han sassinala.And poor Turin they murdered
L'han sassinala mentre ch'a durmiaThey murdered her while she lay asleep
E la lun-a dal cel la dëscurvia,And the moon from the sky uncovered her
Chè la pòvra regin-a piemonteisaFor the poor queen of Piedmont
L'era sola, 'nt la neuit, senssa difeisaWas alone, in the night, without defense
L'era sola, dësteisa, a l'abandon:She was alone, asleep, forsaken
L'han sassinala senssa compassion.They murdered her with no compassion
A durmïo le fomne e le masnàThere slept the women and the children
E ij vej e j giovo 'nt la gran neuit d'istà,And the old and the young deep in the summer night
A durmïo j'ovrié strach ëd travajThere slept the workers tired from their work
E a s'anssopïo ij malavi 'nt j' ospedajAnd slumbered the sick at the hospitals
E 'nt l'ora pasia che ij seugn s'ancantoAnd in the quiet hour of dreams
A durmïo ij nostri mort al Camposanto.Slept our dead at the Cemetery
E j'ale triste a l'han molà j'arssort:And the wicked wings dropped their devices:
Le bombe a son cascà sij viv e ij mort.The bombs fell over the living and the dead
Son cascà 'n sël ripòs dle povre càThey dropped on the rest of the poor homes
E 'nssima ai lett dle fomne e dle masnà.And on top of the beds of women and children
Son cascà s'j ovrié strach ëd travaj,They fell on the workers tired from their work,
Son cascà sij malavi ant'j ospedaj…They fell on the sick at the hospitals
E 'nt l'ora pasia che ij seugn a s'ancantoAnd in the quiet hour of dreams
A son cascà sle tombe al Camposanto…They fell on the graves at the Cemetery
E j'ale triste 'nvers a la matinAnd the wicked wings toward morning
Volavo basse sla sità 'd Turin,They flew low over the city of Turin
E sla gent ch'a scapava al ValentinAnd at the people who ran away to the Valentino
Lor a-i tiravo adòss da pì davsin,They shot from closer up
E 'n mes a j'aotri riparà 'n colin-aAnd among the others seeking shelter up the hills
Spataravo la mort e la rovin-a.They spread death and ruin
Pòver e sgnor: l'era na sort ugualaThe poor and the rich: their destiny the same
E ij mort j'ambaronavo con la pala.And they piled up the dead with a shovel
E coi ch'a l'han gavaje dai crotonAnd those they took out of the cellars
L'indoman, jero neir come 'l carbonThe next day they were black like coal
E le mame a strensio ij cit tanto s-ciassAnd the mothers held their children so tightly
Che për gavei-je a l'han rompuje ij brass.That to take them out they had to break their arms
Pioroma 'nt l'ora neira dël destinLet's weep in the dark hour of fate
Pioroma, gent, per la sità 'd Turin.Let's weep, people, for the city of Turin
E peui le ca l'han prinssipià a brusé:And then the homes started to burn:
Mesa Turin a l'era mach pì 'n brasé,Half of Turin turned to charcoal
Da l'Aurora an Vanchija – tra Stura e Po –From Aurora to Vanchiglia – between Stura and Po –
Mesa Turin l'era mach pi 'n falòHalf of Turin turned into a bonfire
Le fabriche, le cese, ij monumentThe factories, the churches, the monuments
Brusavo tute come 'd torce a ventAll burned like torches in the wind
E la matin j'era na gran fumèiraAnd in the morning there was a great black smoke
Ch'a lera dì e a smiava seira.It was day and it seemed like night
Anlora d'an Valdòch al ValentinAnd then from Valdocco to Valentino
Dal pont ëd Mosca a piassa SolferinFrom Mosca Bridge to Piazza Solferino
E da piassa San Carlo a l'ArsenalFrom Piazza San Carlo to the Arsenal
Da porta Susa e dal Giardin RealFrom Porta Susa and from the Royal Garden
Da la bariera 'd Lanss a la CrosëttaFrom the barrier of Lanzo to Crocetta
Da Borgh San Paol giù a la MolinëttaFrom Faubourg San Paolo to Molinetta
Da tuti ij post ëd tute j'incursionFrom all the places of all the incursions
Ij mòrt l'han comenssà na procession:The dead began a procession
Ciuto, la procession l'è radunasse,Silently the procession gathered round
Ciuto, la procession l'è 'ncaminasse…Silently the procession began to move
Come na carovan-a del dolorAs a caravan of pain
Ij mort a son rivà dnanss a Nossgnor:The dead arrived in front of Our Lord:
"O Nossgnor, soma sì de dnanss a Ti“O our Lord, we're here in front of You
përché Ti sol it' ses padron dl'avnì.because You only are owner of the future
Òh! Nen për vendichesse o për gramissia:Oh! Not for vengeance or meanness:
Për gnente d'aotr che për ciamé giustissia.for nothing else but to ask for justice.
Ti ch'i të s-chaire fin-a an fond ai cheurYou who see into the bottom of hearts
Ti t'la sas la rason dij nòstr malheur:You know the reason of our misfortune
Ti t'i-j conosse j'omini dla teraYou who know the men of earth
Ch'a l'han prontà, ch'a l'han vorssù sta goera,Who have prepared, who have wanted this war
Ò Nossgnor, so castigh… mandijlo Ti…"O Our Lord, their punishment… send it yourself…"
E Nòstr Signor a l'ha fait segn che 'd sì…And Our Lord nodded his assent.
Asti. 16-23 Luglio 1943
Asti. 16-23 July 1943
All’indomani cadeva MussoliniMussolini fell down the day after

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