Somos Sur

Ana Tijoux
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La versione inglese (completa della strofa rappata in arabo da...
(Dame el micrófono)
La música es la lengua materna del mundo
Ella apoya nuestro existencia, ella protege nuestros raíces
Ella nos une desde la gran Siria, África, hasta América Latina
Aquí estoy con Anita Tijoux
Aquí estoy con los que sufren, y no con los que te vendieron
Aquí estoy con la resistencia cultural
Desde el comienzo, hasta la victoria siempre!
Estoy con los que están en contra, con los que colaboraron, con los que no están en nuestro lado
Hace tiempo, yo he calculado, así que decidí invertir en Banksy después que Ban-Ki se quebró
Como dice el dicho "la situación necesita ser acunada pero en realidad la situación se tiene que parar"
Por cada prisionero político libre, una colonia israelí se agranda
Por cada saludo, se retumbé mil casas
Ellos usan la prensa para que pueden fabricar
Pero cuando mi pena se condena, la realidad se presenta

You tell us we should sit down
But ideas can only rise us
Walk, march, don't surrender or retreat
See, learn like a sponge absorbs
No one is surplus, all fall short, all add up
All for all, all for us
We dream big that the empire may fall
We shout out loud, there is no other remedy left
This is not utopia, this is a joyful dancing rebellion
Of those who are overrun, this dance is yours and mine
Let's rise to say "enough is enough"
Neither Africa or Latin America are for auction
With mud, with a helmet, with a pencil, drum the fiasco
To provoke a social earthquake in this puddle

All the silenced (all)
All the neglected (all)
All the invisible (all)
All, All
All, All

Nigeria, Bolivia, Chile, Angola, Puerto Rico and Tunisia
Algeria, Venezuela, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Mozambique
Costa Rica, Cameroon, Congo, Cuba, Somalia, Mexico
Dominican Republic, Tanzania
Get out Yankees from Latin America
French, English and Dutch
I want you Free Palestine

Give me, give me, give me the mic and sing
Singing is the mother of world languages
It holds our existence and it holds our root to greater Syria, Africa and Latin america
I'm with A.N.I.T.A Tijoux
I stand with those who suffer not with those who sold out
I'm with cultural resistance
From the beginning, hasta la victoria siempre
I'm with those who are against, those who collaborated with those who are not on our side
Long ago, I calculated eh, so I decided to invest in Banksy after Ban Ki-cracked
As the saying goes "the situation needs to be cradled but in reality the situation has to stop"
For every free political prisoner, an Israeli colony gets bigger
For each greeting, thousand houses Rumble
They use the press to be manufactured
But when my punishment is condemned, reality shows

All the silenced (all)
All the neglected (all)
All the invisible (all)
All, All
All, All

Looting, trampling, colonization, Matias Catrileo, Wallmapu
A thousand times we will overcome, from the sky to the ground, and from the ground to the sky
Let's go, jumping
White Horse, go back to your city, we are not afraid
We have life and fire, fire in our hands, fire in our eyes
We have so much life, and strength up to the colour red
The child (divine) Mary doesn't want your punishment, she is going to free the Palestinian soil
We are Africans, Latin Americans, we are the south and we join our hands together

All the silenced (all)
All the neglected (all)
All the invisible (all)
All, All
All, All

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