Mister C

Aleksander Kulisiewicz
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Traduzione inglese dal Libretto dell'album
Roczek wtóry, mój ty Boże,It’s the second year, dear God,
Bryka sobie Hakenkreuz.And the swastika’s still frolicking;
Żadna siła go nie zmoże,There is no power that can exhaust it,
Bo inaczej, to — Kniebeug!So we’d all better get down on our knees!
Taki straśnie wielki Führer,Such a terribly great, ferocious Führer,
Taki z pędzlem Räuber-goj,Such a robber-goy—with paint brush, yet!
We łbie pluszczą mu pomyje,And his head’s filled up with dirty dishwater,
Blödes Volk mu ryczy: Heil-l-l!While his stupid Volk shriek: “Heil!”
A...Mister C cygaro pali,Meanwhile, Mister C puffs his big cigar,
Mister C cygaro ćmi,Mister C blows out some smoke;
Europa się nań wali,Europe crumbles all around him,
A on giełdę ma i spleen.But he’s got the coin and he’s got the blues!
Mister C cygaro stłumi,Mister C will snuff out his smoke,
Adolfowi plunie w “Sieg”,And he’ll spit on Adolf ’s “Sieg!”
Pogrzeb fundnie mu na Rugii,He’ll pay for Adolf ’s funeral on the Isle of Rugia—
Może w dziewięćset czterdzieści trzy.Maybe as early as ‘43!
Może, ach, może...ach, może,Maybe, oh, maybe, oh, maybe,
Oj, któz to wiedzieć może?Ah, who can really know for sure?
Morze głębokie, nieboże,The sea is deep, poor fellow,
Angielskie zwłaszcza morze.Especially the English sea.
Jum-pą tiu, di di di, di di di,Yoom pom tiu, di di di, di di di,
Jum-pą day, di di di you!Yoom pom day, di di di you!
Może, może—któż to wiedzieć może?Maybe, maybe ... who can really know for sure?
Może w s c h o d n i wietrzyk mu pomoże?Maybe the “Eastern Wind” will help

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