La vita da cane

Giuseppe Gioacchino Belli
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Traduzione inglese – probabilmente attribuibile a Michael Sullivan,...

Ah sse chiam' ozzio er zuo, bbrutte marmotte?
Nun fa mmai ggnente er Papa, eh?, nun fa ggnente?
Accusí vve pijjassi un accidente
come lui se strapazza e ggiorn' e notte.‎

Chi pparla co Ddio padr' onnipotente?
Chi assorve tanti fijji de miggnotte?
Chi mmanna in giro l'innurgenze a bbotte?
Chi vva in carrozza a bbinidì la ggente?‎

Chi jje li conta li quadrini sui?
Chi l'ajjuta a ccreà li cardinali?
Le gabbelle, pe ddio, nnu le fa llui?‎

Sortanto la fatica da facchino
de strappà ttutto l'anno momoriali
e bbuttalli a ppezzetti in ner cestìno!‎


So would you say this is idleness, you loathsome scabs?
The Pope never does anything, huh? anything?
May you be damned
As much as he overworks, day and night.

Who speaks to God almighty?
Who absolves so many sons o'bitches?
Who sends out wagons of indulgences?
Who rides in a carriage to go and bless the people?

Who counts his money?
Who helps him to appoint cardinals?
By god, aren't taxes imposed by him?

And what about the heavy work,
All over the year, of tearing up written pleas
And throwing the shreds in the wastebin!‎

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