Fabrizio De André
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La versione inglese di Dennis Criteser [2014]
la campagna
il cielo
il sentiero
la scuola
la chiesa
la vergogna
la gonna
lo smalto
lo specchio
il rossetto
la paura
la strada
la modellatrice
la vertigine
la magia
le macchine
la polizia
la stanchezza
la dignità
il fidanzato
lo sgherro
il gransignore
lo sporcaccione
la sfortuna
la sbronza
le botte
le carezze
il fallimento
lo schifo
la bellezza

I am the ewe, I am the cow,
because one wants to play at being animals.
I am the female, open shirt,
small tits to suck.

Under the eyelashes of these trees
in the light and shade where I was born,
because the horizon before the sky,
I was the look in my mother’s eyes.

“Why is little Fernando like a daughter?
He brings me coffee and tapioca in bed,
and to remind him that he was born male
will be instinct, will be life.”

And me, in front of the big mirror -
I screen my eyes with my fingers
to imagine for myself, between my legs,
a little twat.

In the half slumber of a bus
I leave my peasant infancy,
I run to the spell of desires,
I go to adjust my fortune.

In the kitchen of the boarding house
I mix dreams with hormones.
When dawn comes there will be magic,
there will be miraculous breasts.

Because Fernanda is really a daughter,
like a girl she wants to make love.
But little Fernando resists and vomits
and writhes in agony.

And then the scalpel for breasts and hips,
in a whirl of anesthesia,
until my body looks like me
along the seafront of Bahia.

Tender smile of greenleaf,
from her hair I withdraw my fingers
when the cars point their headlights
on the stage of my life

where, amidst traffic jams of desires,
at my buttocks a cock is hanging.
Into my meat, between my lips,
one man slides, the other surrenders.

Because little Fernando died in my bosom,
Fernanda is a silk doll.
They are branches of a single star
that blasts out light, Princess by name.

To a lawyer in Milan
Princess now gives her heart,
and a customary stroll
in the shadow of a balcony.

the countryside
the sky
the path
the school
the church
the shame
the skirt
the nail polish
the mirror
the lipstick
the fear
the street
the fashion model
the dizziness
the charm
the magic
the cars
the police
the tiredness
the dignity
the fiancé
the thug
the elder gentleman
the lecher
the misfortune
the bender
the blows
the caresses
the failure
the disgust
the beauty
living !

Pagina della canzone con tutte le versioni

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