Fatoumata Diawara
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the time has come for us to speak up about the crisis in mali; we, the artists must now speak from the heart about what is happening to our mali.

Haira Harby :
men & women of mali, stand together ! our mali never wanted a war.

Fatoumata Diawara :
what's going on in mali ?
do we really want to kill each other? do we really want to betray one another? allow ourselves to be divided ? remember, we are all children of the same mother country when we stand together, all of africa is stronger

Amkoullel :
men & women of mali, let us unite and stand strong!

Doussou Bakayoko :
our mali will never belong to those people,
this great nation will not be their victim.

Kasse Mady :
we'll show the world that our mali is a country where peace reigns. we stand together, we are all children of the same mother country

Sadio Sidibé :
what has become of my beautiful mali?

Baba Salah :
once you were the sun that shone 'round the world. our mali, we are proud of you -dry your tears! we love you !!!!

the time has come for us to speak up about the crisis in mali ; we, the artists, must now speak from the heart about what is happening to our mali.

Soumaila Kanouté :
never have i seen such catastrophe, such desolation. they want to impose sharia law on us. tell the north that our mali is one nation, indivisible!!

Master Soumi :
of late, our mali has been like a political cigarette butt thrown in the gutter. we cry, we worry. every day we await only more bad news, this cannot last! we must react or mali will become the butt of the world's bad joke

M'baou Tounkara :
our mali is a country of warm welcome, war deprives us of our values. we are losing time

Oumou Sangare :
listen to me :
we must take care now, or our children will never know the real story of our country. we might lose it.
careful now, or our children will suffer tomorrow.

Koko Dembelé :
as long as we live, we shall have hope. rise up, children of mali !

Babani Koné :
i am troubled, i am afraid. we are all of the same blood so let us not speak of war. what future can there be for our women, for our children in this country?

Afel Bocoum :
the only way out of this crisis is the way of peace

Iba one :
Unite as one, malians ! union makes us strong. stop fighting each other, war has never been a solution

Tiken Jah :
mali united, mali indivisible, mali united, mali indivisible. peace has no price!

Fati Kouyaté :
war knows no child, no woman, no elder. our country does not act like this!

Kisto Dem :
who would have imagined our country this way? just as we malians were reaching stability, others try to destabilize us. in the north, people are starving, women are goods to be traded, they are beaten and raped!

Nahawa Doumbia :
we don't want war !!!!! not in our mali!!!! war destroys everything in its path.

Mamadou Diabate :
"maliba" as our ancestors always called you, don't stay on your knees, rise up and fight for the honour of those ancestors

Amadou et Mariam:
when we stand together africa is stronger .when we stand united we have a future!

mali our great country, which has always been a land of peace and hospitality, let us unite.

Oumou Sangare :
we must take care, that we don't lose our country.take care, or our children will hang their heads in shame.

i'm talking to you, military leaders!
i'm talking to you, politicians !

Habib Koite :
malians, union makes us strong. we cannot let our great country slip through our fingers. our land of great men!

Djeneba Seck :
men & women of mali, the whole world is watching. unite to bring back stability and harmony.

Vieux Farka Toure:
wake up!!! we are all family, let's stand together

Mylmo :
the world adored our country, so why now are we tearing each other apart before their very eyes? soundjata keita and our other heroes of lore taught us our values which shall remain steady.

Amadou et Mariam :
union makes us strong!!!!! let us stand together!!!

Amadou Bakayoko :
in harmony, our country can develop. nobody can destabilize us, our children will have a future.

Nahawa Doumbia:


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