Clergue si fan pastór

Pèire Cardenal
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OriginalTraduzione inglese dal libretto dell’opera di Jordi Savall “Le...
Clergue si fan pastór
E son aucizedór;
E par de gran sanctór
Qui los vei revestir,
E-m pren a sovenir
Que n'Ezengris, un día,
Volc ad un parc venir:
Mas pels cans que temía
Pel de mouton vestic
Ab que los escarnic,
Puois manget e traïc
Tot so que li-abelic. ‎
They pass for priests and pastors
but they are murderers,‎
who outward seemly dress
convinces others of their holiness;‎
but now the recollection comes to mind
of Isengrin the wolf who once upon a time
into a farmyard wished to steal his way,‎
but being wary of the dogs
he donned a lambskin for disguise;‎
thus he practised his deceit
and treacherously did eat
all that his heart desired.‎
Rei e emperador,
Duc, comte e comtor
E cavalier ab lor
Solon lo mon regir;
Ara vei possezir
A clers la seinhoría
Ab tolre e ab traïr
E ab ypocrezía,
Ab forsa e ab prezic;
E tenon s'a fastic
Qui tot non lor o gic
E sera, quan que tric. ‎
Kings and emperors,‎
dukes, and counts and knights
and with them all the others
who govern in this world;‎
now I see that clerics rule the roost
with treachery and plundering
larded with hypocrisy,‎
with force and preaching, too;‎
and they can in no wise abide
the man who does not yield his all,‎
although, in time,‎
he also must pay his due
Aissi can son major
Son ab mens de valor
Et ab mais de follor,
Et ab meins de ver dir
Et ab mais de mentir,
Et ab meins de paría
Et ab mais de faillir,
Et ab meins de clerzía.
Dels fals clergues o dic:
Que anc hom non auzic
A Dieu tant enemic
De sai lo tems antic. ‎
The greater is their earthly state,‎
the lesser is their worth,‎
the greater is their folly
and less they love the truth;‎
the more they tell lies,‎
and are less possessed of dignity,‎
the greater is their falsity
and the less they are like priests.‎
Of all false clerics I avow
that never was there seen
a greater enemy of God
from ancient times till now.‎
Can son en refreitor
No m'o tenc ad honor,
C'a la taula aussor
Vei los cussons assir
E premiers s'escaussir.
Aujas gran vilanía:
Car i auzon venir
Et hom no los en tría.
Pero anc non lai vic
Paubre cusson mendic
Sezen laz cusson ric:
D'aitan los vos esdic. ‎
When gathered in the refectory
I hardly think that it is fitting
there at the high table
to see a scoundrel sitting,‎
before all others served the first.‎
Now mark this villainy:‎
they dare to enter where they will
and none will turn them away
I never saw a penniless rogue
break bread with another that was rich,‎
I cannot accuse them of that sin!‎
Ja non aion paor
Alcais ni Almansor
Que abat ni prior
Los anon envazir
Ni lor terras sazir,
Que afans lor sería;
Mas sai son en cossir
Del mon consi lor sía
E com en Frederic
Gitesson de l'abric:
Pero tals l'aramic
Qui fort no s'en jauzic. ‎
The Algais and the Almansurs
need have no fear
that the abbots and the priors
will launch an attack
or take possession of their lands,‎
for that would be too onerous a task;‎
they only think to lay their hands
on power in this world
or how King Frederick
might be ousted from his lair;‎
although the one who challenged him
had little cause for joy.‎
Clergue, qui vos chauzic
Ses fellon cor enic
En son comte faillic,
C'anc peior gent non vic. ‎
Clerics, whoever believed
you do not harbour felon’s hearts
was mightily deceived,‎
for of all the men you are the worst.‎

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