Quascus plor e planh son dampnatge

Guilhem Augier Novella
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OriginaleTraduzione inglese dal libretto dell’opera di Jordi Savall “Le...
Quascus plor e planh son dampnatge,‎
sa malenans’e sa dolor.‎
Mais yeu las! N’aie mon coratge
tan gran ir’e tan gran tristor,‎
que ja mos jorns planh ni plorat
non aurai lo valent prezat,‎
lo pros Vescomte, que mortz es,‎
de Bezers, l’ardit e.l cortes,‎
lo gay e.l mielhs adreg e.l blon,‎
lo mellor cavallier del mon.‎
Each man weeps and laments his loss,‎
his ill fortune and his woe.‎
But, alas, my heart is swollen
with such great rage and sorrow
that, even a lifetime’s grief
and tears are not enough to mourn that brave,‎
beloved, noble viscount of Béziers,‎
the cheerful, dexterous, knight with golden hair,‎
the best the world has ever seen.‎
Mort l’an, et anc tan gran otrage
no vi hom ni tan gran error
fach mai ni tan gran estranhatge
de Dieu et a Nostre Senhor,‎
cum an fag li can renegat
dels fals linhatge de Pilat
que l’an mort; e pus Dieus mort pres
per nos a salvar, semblans es
de lui, qu’es passatz al sieu pon
per los sieus estorser, l’aon.‎
They have killed him, and never was such outrage
nor such terrible wrong endured.‎
Never was there seen such a godless act,‎
nor one so heinous to Our Lord,‎
as that committed by those renegade dogs
of Pilate’s criminal horde.‎
They have killed him; and as God did die
for our salvation, so did he;‎
for, heedless of his own interests,‎
he put his people’s freedom above all
Mil cavalhier de gran linhatge
e mil dompnas de gran valor
iran per la sua mort arratge,‎
mil borzes et mil servidor,‎
que totz foran gent heretat,‎
s’el visques, e ric et honrat.‎
Ar est mortz! Ai dieus, quals dans es!‎
Gardatz quals etz ni es pres,‎
ni selhs qui l’an mort, cui ni don,‎
qu’eras acuelh respon.‎
A thousand knights of noble lineage
and a thousand ladies of great worth
despaired at the news that he was dead;‎
likewise, a thousand burghers and a thousand servers,‎
who, if only that knight had lived, would have grown
in wealth and honour and power.‎
Now he is dead! Oh, God, what disarray!‎
Consider who Thou art and whom they have taken away,‎
and who has slain him, and whence they came;‎
for he never more shall greet us, and he never shall‎
answer again.‎
Ric cavalier, ric de linhatge,‎
ric per erguelh, ric per valor,‎
ric de sen, ric per vassallatge,‎
ric per dar e bon servidor,‎
ric d’orguelh, ric d’umilitat,‎
ric de sen e ric de foudat,‎
belhs e bos, complitz de totz bes,‎
anc no fo nulhs hom valgues.‎
Perdut avem en vos la fon
d’on tug veniam jauzion.‎
O Knight, so rich in lineage,‎
so rich in pride and valour,‎
rich in judgment, rich in vassalage,‎
rich in bounty and a servant true,‎
rich in pride and in humility,‎
rich in reason and in lover’s folly,‎
good and comely, with all qualities endowed,‎
there never was a man to match your worth.‎
In you we have lost the fountain
whence our joys all flowed.‎
Belhs papaguais, anc tan vezat
no.m tenc amors, c’ar plus torbat
no.m tenga e.l dan que ai pres
del melhor Senhor c’anc nasques
aitan can clau mar en redon,‎
que m’an mort trachor, no sai don.‎
O beautiful plumed parrot, never was my heart
so stirred to joy by love as now
it is tormented by my loss
of the finest knight that ever was born
upon this sea-encircled earth.‎
Traitors from I know not where have killed my lord.‎

Pagina della canzone con tutte le versioni

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