Dù Fǔ / 杜 甫
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Traduzione inglese da Chinese Poems.‎
车辚辚Wagons rumble rumble
马萧萧Hhorses whinny whinny
行人弓箭各在腰Foot person bow arrow each at waist
耶娘妻子走相送Father mother wife children go mutual see off
尘埃不见咸阳桥Dust dust not see Xianyang bridge
牵衣顿足阑道哭Pull clothes stamp foot bar way weep
哭声直上干云霄Weep sound directly up strike clouds clouds
道傍过者问行人Road side passerby ask foot person
行人但云点行频Foot person only say mark down often
或从十五北防河Some from ten five north guard river
便至四十西营田Even until four ten west army fields
去时里正与裹头Leave time village chief give bind head
归来头白还戍边Return come head white go back garrison border
边亭流血成海水Border post shed blood become sea water
武皇开边意未已Warlike emperor expand border idea no end
君不闻汉家山东二百州Gentleman not see Han homes hill east two hundred districts
千村万落生荆杞‎1000 villages 10000 hamlets grow thorns trees
纵有健妇把锄犁Though be strong women hold hoe plough
禾生陇亩无东西Seed grow dyked field not order
况复秦兵耐苦战Besides again Qin soldier withstand bitter fighting
被驱不异犬与鸡Be driven not different dogs and chickens
长者虽有问Venerable elder though be ask
役夫敢申恨Battle person dare state bitterness
且如今年冬Even like this year winter
未休关西卒Not stop pass west soldier
县官急索租District official urgent demand tax
租税从何出Tax tax way how pay
信知生男恶True know produce males bad
反是生女好Contrast be produce females good
生女犹得嫁比邻Produce female still get married neighbour
生男埋没随百草Produce male bury follow hundred grass
君不见青海头Gentleman not see Qinghai edge
古来白骨无人收Past come white skeleton no person gather
新鬼烦冤旧鬼哭New ghost vexed injustice old ghosts weep
天阴雨湿声啾啾Heaven dark rain wet sound screech screech

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