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They took away my brogues ‎
and they robbed me of my spade
They put me in the army ‎
and a soldier of me made

But I couldn't beat a drum ‎
and I couldn't play a flute
So they handed me a musket ‎
and they taught me how to shoot.

But the Injuns they were sly,
And the Frenchies they were coy,
So they shot off the left leg
Of this poor Irish boy.

We had a bloody fight
After we had scaled the wall,
And the divil a bit of mercy
Did the Frenchies show at all.

Then they put me on a ship,
And they sent me home again,
With all my army training,
After battle's strife and din.

They headed for the Downs,
And we landed at the quay,
My mother came to meet me,
And these words to me did say,

‎"O Felix, are you drunk,
Or Felix are you mad?
And whatever has become
Of the two legs you had!"

I will bid my spade adieu,
For I cannot dig the bog,
But I still can play the fiddle,
And I still can drink my grog.

I have learned to smoke a pipe
And I've learned to fire a gun,
To the divil with the fighting,
I am glad the war is done.‎

My son John was tall and slim
He had a leg for every limb
But now he's got no legs at all
For he run a race with a cannonball

CHORUS: With me roo rum rar, faddle diddle dar
Whack faddlle liddle with me roo rum rar.

Oh were you deaf, were you blind
When you left your two fine legs behind
Or was it sailing on the sea
Lost your two fine legs right down to the knee

Oh I was not deaf, I was not blind
When I left my two fine legs behind
Nor was it sailing on the sea,
Lost my two fine legs right down to the knee

For I was tall, I was slim
And I had a leg for every limb,
But now I've got no legs at all,
They were both shot away by a cannonball.

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