Asker ettiler beni

Maçkalı Hasan Tunç
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Asker ettiler beni, Erzurum bizum taburThey made me a soldier, Erzurum-our battalion
Sevdum da alamadum, olur mi boyle sabur?I loved but couldn't have, is there such a patience?
Erzurum dağlari yedun Maçkalilari!Erzurum mountains you ate Maçkalites!
Kiminun yari ağlar, kiminun analari...Someone's lover cries, some's mothers...
Dertliyim kederliyim her ne desan kanarum,I'm distressed-I'm in sorrow, I'd fall for everything you'd say,
Ey Ziğana dağlari gördi mi sizi yarum?O Zigana mountains, have they seen you my darling?
Kız evinun önünde (başında) giriş var idi girişGirl there was an enterance in front (at the head) of your house
Ha o güzel gözlerin (o güzel bakışlarun) edecek bana bir işOh your beautiful eyes (your beautiful glance) is gonna do me something.
Gel gidelum oduna, edelum kuri odunLet's go wooding, let's do dry wood*
Odun değil meramun, kız kalbuna ne koydun?Your purpose is not wooding, girl what did you put on your mould?
* A ritual of wood gathering/chopping related to the region.

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