Rosen auf den Weg gestreut

Ernst Busch
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English Translation by Monkey Mind
You have to treat them nice and gentleDo treat them gently, treat them nicely,
do nothing rash, they're sensitiveDon't get them frightened, they're so frail!
you must be somewhat sentimentalWith waving palm fronds bow around them,
respectful of the way they liveBefitting their quaint, secret hearts.
don't let your dogs attack them on the streetCall back your dog, should it bark at them
embrace the fascists where you may meetKiss the Faschists, wherever you meet them!
If they should call for hate or violenceAnd to their beer-hall agitation
just let them talk, it is their rightSay "aye and amen - please, oh yes!
I keep your protestations silentHave at me now - rip me to shreds!"
you wouldn't want to start a fight for fightingWhen they club down people, praise the Lord.
is what they do bestIt is their vocation to kick and beat them!
embrace the fascists & you'll be blessedKiss the Faschists, wherever you meet them!
And if they fire their guns upon youAnd when they gun you down: dear heavens,
is life so precious in your eyes?Do you really prize life that highly?
you would be sheep with wolves around youWhat a pacifist fad that is!
why not be gladly victimized?Who would not gladly be a victim?
And if you feel inside your gutsAnd though you feel it, up your belly,
the Nazi dagger's bladeHitler's dagger, to the hilt:
embrace the fascists that you have madeKiss the Fascists, wherever you meet them!

Pagina della canzone con tutte le versioni

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