The Phony King of England

Johnny Mercer
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OriginalVersione Danese da YT

Oh the world will sing of an English King
A thousand years from now
And not because he passed some laws
Or had that lofty brow
While bonny good King Richard leads
The great crusade he's on
We'll all have to slave away
For that good-for-nothin' John
Incredible as he is inept
Whenever the history books are kept
They'll call him the phony king of England
A pox on the phony king of England!
He sits alone on a giant throne
Pretendin' he's the king
A little tyke who's rather like
A puppet on a string
And he throws an angry tantrum
if he cannot have his way
And then he calls for Mum while he's suckin' his thumb
You see, he doesn't want to play
Too late to be known as John the First
He's sure to be known as John the worst
A pox on that phony king of England!
While he taxes us to pieces
And he robs us of our bread
King Richard's crown keeps slippin' down
Around that pointed head
Ah! But while there is a merry man
in Robin's wily pack
We'll find a way to make him pay
And steal our money back
The minute before he knows we're there
Ol' Rob'll snatch his underwear
The breezy and uneasy king of England
The snivellin' grovellin'
Measly weasely
Blabberin' jabberin'
Gibberin' jabberin'
Blunderin' plunderin'
Wheelin' dealin'
Prince John, that phony king of England

Vores høje drot
Bli'r husket godt
Endnu om tusind år
Det skyldes ikke hans forstand
For grim og dum er han

Da folkets ven Kong Richard
Drog på dristigt korstog ud
Blev vi holdt i slaveri
Af Prins John - den dumme stud

Berømmelse vil han aldrig få
For fremtiden vil han altid stå
Som ham der blev kaldt Kong Fup af England

Ja, ned med Prins John, Kong Fup af England

En krone vile han ikke bær'
Langt mindre kongens klæder
Den frække fyr
Som gør sig stor
Bli'r trukket i en snor
Han bli'r nærmest helt hysterisk
Når hans vilje ikke sker
Han råber på moar , det skarn
Sutter finger som et barn
Forstår du - han vil ikke lege mer'!

Engang har vi haft Kong John den Første
Men ham her bli'r kendt som John den Værste

Ja, ned med Prins John, Kong Fup af England

Og kom nu, hvis nu hvad du kan

Kom John - Lille-John

Go, Johnny, go

Mens han plager os med skatter
Undertrykker os med vold
Tar' han Kong Richards krone på
Sin grimme, spidse knold


Og det bli'r slut
Si'r Robin Hood
til skovens frie mænd
Hver skillling som han ta'r fra os
Dem hugger vi igen
Og ud'n at lav' den mindste støj
Ta'r Robin al hans undertøj

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