Aria di rivoluzione

Franco Battiato
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Versione francese di Daniel Bellucci

That truck driver in Abyssinia
drove his truck until late in the night,
and then at deep night they made their meetings
At that time in Europe
another war was raging,
the only songs heard
were the alarm sirens.

However, Müntzer's morning stars
shining over the revolting peasants,
when they stained with bloodlight the heads of their persecutors.
However, the melody of the Katyusha rocket*
when it shouted, at Christmas, “Peace on earth”
in the frozen ears of Hitler's soldiers.

Time goes by, nothing seems to change,
the generation I'm part of
craves new values.
And I can feel now
revolution in the air,
I can hear cries of desperations
of those going to be shot.

However, the elegance of automatic missiles
in Ho-Chi-Minh's skies
when they give an amazing kiss
to Detroit engineers' extraordinary mechanic performances.
However, the beauty of the machine gun
shouldered by the guerilla fighter,
when he gives the Bolivian porter suitable arguments
against his oppressors, what they finally understand.
However, what is best: Policemen trained to fight against the people,
when they are drowning in the stream of enraged masses,
and finally, finally, instead of their weapons
they catch the saving hand of the Unarmed.


Ce chauffeur en Abyssinie
conduisait son camion jusqu'à tard
et puis, au cœur de la nuit, ils se réunissaient.
En ce temps-là en Europe
il y avait une autre guerre
qui n’avait comme chansons que des sirènes d’alarme.

Le temps passe, il semble que rien ne change
ma génération
veut de nouvelles valeurs.
Et j’ai déjà senti un air de révolution,
j’ai déjà entendu crier
celui qui ira se faire fusiller.*

* Katyushas were called "Stalin's organs" by
German soldiers (see note)
* Ce dernier vers n'est pas chanté par l'auteur dans sa version de 1989 dans l'album-collection "Giubbe Rosse".

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