Der Soldat

Friedrich Silcher
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The muffled drums now have their say,
How far still the place, and how long the way.
O were he at peace without any more ado;
I feel that my heart is breaking in two.

In this whole world I loved only him,
Just him, whose life they now will dim.
The marches are played and we must parade,
By order, a part of this I am made.

Now he looks up for just one more time,
To God's sun and to its glorious shine.
They tie a blindfold over his eyes,
May your soul to God's eternal peace rise.

All nine did aim their weapons well,
Eight bullets by the wayside fell.
They all quivered because of pity and woe,
But my bullet straight to his heart did go.


Exitur ad tympani sonitum;
Quam longum viae est spatium!
Oh, iam requiesceret socius, di!
Cor meum, opinor, fragitur mi.

Quem novi in mundo carissimum,
Is ducitur nunc ad supplicium;
Ad tubas iam fit processio,
Et ego hoc fungor officio.

Nunc ultimum ille sublevat os
In solis radios hilaros;
Obvolvunt amico iam faciem:
Aeternam Deus det requiem!

A novem telum dirigitur,
Ab octo ad irritum mittitur;
Nam dolor ademit vim manuum.
At ego transfodi cor medium.

Pagina della canzone con tutte le versioni

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