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o soi un omp ch’al strenz content
le schede eletorâl
o soi un çuf di vene altissime
un bemol di un ino nazionâl
cuant che tu olmis al cjararmât
di 20 agns tenzût di zâl
tus sâs chel ch’al è
al cjaveç de braide dai bombons

mi plâs al tô jessi stele, strisse
chiste tô viarte ecezionâl
âtu viodût ducj chei purcits
te becjarie satelitâr
cuant che e sarà viarte le siarande
cui furlans a fâ di pâl
tu sâs che di chist prât
si va a passon pai savalons

oh sù sù che al mont si strucje
cualchidun lu drezzarà
e le justizie fate a gucje
no si devi sopuartâ

I am a man who happily grips
his ballot paper
I am a tussock of high oat grass
a flat note of a national hymn

when you look at that tank
which has been painted yellow for 20 years
you know that this is the end of the field of sugar- coated almonds-bombs
I like your way of being stars and stripes

this exceptional open spring of yours
have you seen all those pigs
in the satellitar butcher
when the paddock opens
with the Friulians that stand as supporting poles
you know that from this meadow
one goes to graze on the sand

oh yes come on the world is upside down
somebody will have to fix that
we cannot stand justice
when it is not the same for everybody

Pagina della canzone con tutte le versioni

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