Le Déserteur

Boris Vian
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INGLESE / ENGLISH / ANGLAIS [6] - Andreas Hilmo Teig
In full awareness,Dear Mister President,
Dear President,I write this letter truthfully
I am writing you this letter,And given enough time maybe
which I hope you will'll read what I have sent.
The draft card hereFor I've received with fright
plainly tells me thata letter from the army
I have to go make warInforming that they need me
this coming the trenches Wednesday night.
However, I am not here,But Mister President,
Dear President,my heart was never willing
to kill peopleI wasn't made for killing,
more or less like'll never have me bent.
I am not annoyed with you,I hope you don't feel hurt
by the way,by reading my confession
but I feel I have decidedI've made a firm decision:
and I will desert.I'm going to desert.
I only had troubleI've felt the pains of war:
since I was bornmy father followed orders
and the children I brought upAnd died, just like my brothers.
have cried with me.My kids I hardly saw.
My mom and my dadMy mother's suffering ended
are buried nowand where she is resting
and about the warNo bombs and no molesting
they won't give a damn.upon her may descend.
When I was a prisonerWhen I a captive was
someone stolethey took away my wife
my wife and my past,That woman was my life,
my best age.and all that's left is loss.
Tomorrow I am going to get upTomorrow I will rise
I am going to close the doorand close my front door silently
on the dead seasonAt dawn, and leave behind me
and set off.the dead years of my life.
I'll live on charityI now will spend my time
on the streets of Spain,a pilgrim on a voyage
of France and BritainSo all can hear this message,
and I'll call on everyonebe told about this crime:
not to leave anymoreDo not accept that hate,
and not to obeyrefuse to obey their orders,
just to end up deadDo not commit their murders,
for no matter not a soldier made.
Therefore if you needIf blood must now be shed
blood at all costs,you should give some of yours
go give yours,For, President, your laws
if this amuses apostles' words us led.
And, please, tell your men,If my arrest you plot,
if they come for me,please tell the guards that catch me
that they can shoot at me,That I no arms will carry,
weapons ... I don't have.and safely can be shot.

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