Le Déserteur

Boris Vian
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INGLESE / ENGLISH / ANGLAIS [5] - Davide Turcato
Your Majesty the King,In full awareness,
I'm writing you a letter,Dear President,
Though you might hear me better,I am writing you this letter,
if you could hear me sing.which I hope you will read.
There just came through my door,The draft card here
my army papers warning,plainly tells me that
We leave on Monday morning,I have to go make war
we march away to war.this coming Monday.
Well, I don't fit your plan,However, I am not here,
I must refuse the shilling,Dear President,
For I'm no longer willingto kill people
to kill my fellow man.more or less like me.
Your Majesty, I say,I am not annoyed with you,
with due consideration,by the way,
It's my determination,but I feel I have decided
I will desert today.and I will desert.
I've seen my father die,I only had trouble
I've seen my sisters grieving,since I was born
My older brothers leaving,and the children I brought up
my younger brothers cry.have cried with me.
My mother knew such wrongs,My mom and my dad
she lies beneath her tombstone,are buried now
She cares no more for tombstones,and about the war
she cares no more for songs.they won't give a damn.
While I was in the hole,When I was a prisoner
they stole away my good wife,someone stole
They stole away my good life,my wife and my past,
they stole away my best age.
So now I'll slam my door,Tomorrow I am going to get up
on all those years of sorrow,I am going to close the door
And starting from tomorrow,on the dead season
I'll sleep at home no more.and set off.
I'm off to beg my way,I'll live on charity
to tramp the roads and islands,on the streets of Spain,
From Cornwall to the Highlands,of France and Britain
and this is what I'll say:and I'll call on everyone
"Refuse to go to war,not to leave anymore
refuse to cross the borders,and not to obey
Refuse to obey orders,just to end up dead
desert and fight no more."for no matter who.
If blood must flow this spring,Therefore if you need
why don't you give a sample?blood at all costs,
You'd be a fine example,go give yours,
Your Majesty the King.if this amuses you.
If you would hunt me down,And, please, tell your men,
tell Tom and Dick and Harry,if they come for me,
No weapon will I carry,that they can shoot at me,
and they may gun me down.weapons ... I don't have.

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