Le Déserteur

Boris Vian
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INGLESE / ENGLISH / ANGLAIS [4] - James Prescott
Mr. PresidentYour Majesty the King,
I'm writing you a letterI'm writing you a letter,
that perhaps you will readThough you might hear me better,
If you have the time.if you could hear me sing.
I've just receivedThere just came through my door,
my call-up papersmy army papers warning,
to leave for the frontWe leave on Monday morning,
Before Wednesday night.we march away to war.
Mr. PresidentWell, I don't fit your plan,
I do not want to goI must refuse the shilling,
I am not on this earthFor I'm no longer willing
to kill wretched kill my fellow man.
It's not to make you madYour Majesty, I say,
I must tell youwith due consideration,
my decision is madeIt's my determination,
I am going to desert.I will desert today.
Since I was bornI've seen my father die,
I have seen my father dieI've seen my sisters grieving,
I have seen my brothers leaveMy older brothers leaving,
and my children younger brothers cry.
My mother has suffered so,My mother knew such wrongs,
that she is in her graveshe lies beneath her tombstone,
and she laughs at the bombsShe cares no more for tombstones,
and she laughs at the worms.she cares no more for songs.
When I was a prisonerWhile I was in the hole,
they stole my wifethey stole away my good wife,
they stole my soulThey stole away my good life,
and all my dear past.they stole away my soul.
Early tomorrow morningSo now I'll slam my door,
I will shut my dooron all those years of sorrow,
on these dead yearsAnd starting from tomorrow,
I will take to the road.I'll sleep at home no more.
I will beg my way alongI'm off to beg my way,
on the roads of Franceto tramp the roads and islands,
from Brittany to ProvenceFrom Cornwall to the Highlands,
and I will cry out to the people:and this is what I'll say:
Refuse to obey"Refuse to go to war,
refuse to do itrefuse to cross the borders,
don't go to warRefuse to obey orders,
refuse to go.desert and fight no more."
If blood must be givenIf blood must flow this spring,
go give your ownwhy don't you give a sample?
you are a good apostleYou'd be a fine example,
Mr. President.Your Majesty the King.
If you go after meIf you would hunt me down,
warn your policetell Tom and Dick and Harry,
that I'll be unarmedNo weapon will I carry,
and that they can shoot.and they may gun me down.

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