Temporary Road

John Gorka
Lingua: Inglese

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Album: "Temporary Road"

Temporary Road
He is skating on a river
That's been frozen since December
He's a soldier on a river off to war

And he just received his orders
They're in his pocket with his quarters
But they never cut his leave like this before

And his buddies know he's crazy
But They'll meet him by the bridge
And he has the light of more than half the moon

He skated nights when he was younger
Though he always knew the danger
But it seems so much is here and gone so soon

And the ice talks to the river
And the geese talk to themselves
Will they fly all night if there's no place to land?

A place to land is open water
And open water he can't use
When it's hard enough to find a place to stand

When the ice gives in beneath you
You know it changes how you dream
And you will never be the same again

He's going where there is no winter
The only ice is in his veins
He may kill someone who's face he'll never see

He always knew he'd be a soldier
Since his parents could remember
Now he's skating down this temporary road

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