Liberty Is A Statue

Evan Greer
Lingua: Inglese

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Songwriter: Evan Greer [2004]

Album: Some New Songs [2005]
She said “No, you are not a girl you are a boy.
You’d best start acting like one or I
Will tell your mom I’ll tell your dad
I’ll send you to the principle again
Now for the last time tells me what have you learned today?'
“Teacher, teacher, I learned that there is only one way
That I can live and that's the way that they program
In the textbooks and the TV screens'
Hey mom, what did I learn today in school?
I learned how to be a boy.
I learned how to be a man.
And I sang “my country 'tis of thee'
Because I like to sing
And I learned that there's an 'us,' there's a 'them'
There are good guys there are bad guys
And the bad guys aren't allowed to be your friends.
And I learned all about liberty
It’s a statue in a harbor near a city called New York
And I learned, statues are things that we build
To remind us of things that has died.
But wait, I’m so confused
Because they told us that sharing was good
But then I look at my own town
And the one next door
And I wonder why we don't share some of our mansions
With the four car garages?
And them in their broken-down mills
And the dirty river that runs between us
It’s not safe to swim across.
They told us so on a fieldtrips
to the other side.

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