We are the ones who say know

So Shush
Lingua: Inglese

This song is about how the news media excitedly spins us into war. The lyrics are interspersed with the names of popular protest songs that have been a counter voice of reason.

– written and performed by Carole Smart, Ian Drumm aka 'So Shush'
I saw, hard rain is failing again, purple haze, on CNN
I saw, ah yeah what's going, paint it black, on CNN
With pop corn and cola we join the parade, chanting from our seats again

I see you, you see me, we are the ones who go there and back again

Who said, we won't get fooled again, deja vu, on CNN
Who said, there's frightened ladies at home, Penny's flown, with CNN
Eva Destruction embeds for the action, chanting from the streets again

I see you, you see me, we are the ones who say no and start again

inviata da Ian Drumm - 7/8/2008 - 12:49

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