Passive Resistance

Richard Dyer-Bennet
Lingua: Inglese

(Words and music by Richard Dyer-Bennet c. 1942)

I heard this song from a girlfriend 45 years ago; and just found it posted on the Internet by Charley Noble.
(Gene Keyes)
This is a story of passive resistance,
Of a man who refused to give Nazis assistance;
A farmer there lived in occupied Norway
Who found a grim warning tacked on to his doorway,
It read: "You have failed to come up to your quota;
Next week if you fail by a single iota,
Your farm will be taken and you will be killed.
This is the law and must be fulfilled."
The farmer replied: "Sirs, the undersigned begs
To inform you concerning my quota of eggs,
I posted the warning right where the hens live,
But the stubborn old bipeds still failed to give
So I wrung all their necks, the foul saboteurs.
Delighted to serve you, sincerely yours."

inviata da Gene Keyes - 1/8/2008 - 06:41

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