One Reason

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Traccia 2; album: Reason to believe

Pennywise - Reason to Believe cover
You take the best away
From me then give it all away
You can't control yourself
For anyone
Don't think that you could ever see
That things are not the same
You can't control yourself
For anything
Give me one reason to stop your fall
Give me one reason to Answer Your call
Give me one reason why I should care at all
Don't think you could understand
But logic rips away
The mask that you put on
For everyone
You feel it slipping from your hands
Still you manipulate
You can't control yourself
For Anything
Let someone look inside at what's
Behind the mask where you hide
A mixture of pain and pride the real
You that's been Denied
Won't you give me one reason?

inviata da Jessica - 26/7/2008 - 10:31

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