We Are Shepherds

Angel Band
Lingua: Inglese

dall'album "With Roots and Wings" (praticamente come "le radici e le ali" dei Gang)

With Roots and Wings
We are shepherds, in God’s pasture,
caring for our precious flock,
Through the mountains and through the valleys,
footsteps grounded on solid rock

We’re not soldiers in any army,
allowing bombs or bullets strafe
We are mothers, armed with a mission,
to keep our charges safe.

And we won’t give you our children
won’t let you burn our bridges down,
No shedding of blood, just the power of love,
peace and mercy all around

Embracing faith in human kindness,
yet not letting faith alone
Keep us blinded from our sacred oath,
to protect our family and our home.

2/6/2008 - 00:23

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