Waking Up

Lingua: Inglese

Album "Berlin HI-FI"

Berlin HI-FI
In the morning waking up
My toast, my silence and my cup
All the liquids, all the gasses
Course through the arteries of this house

The paper’s front-page photo-op cannot contain
The colors of the mother’s grief
Clutching her son; clutching her daughter
Clutching everyone against the breach

Who will save us?
Who will save us now?

Mornings past, hungover
From battles joined, empires coined
Black Sea blood washed clean
By the mud of Liberty and the River Queen

Reluctant boys waking up
To flood the hardened arteries
Fathers creep; mother’s weep
Children surging to the motherland
Re-animate the fallen corpse

29/12/2007 - 19:23

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