Kristin Lems
Lingua: Inglese

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Da/From: "Equality Road"
Equality Road

Lyrics and music by Aref, the Iranian musician
Testo e musica di Aref, musicista iraniano

Kristin Lems
Kristin Lems

A song of hope....Persian style. The hopes are universal.

This song is in Persian - I will give a rough rendering
K. Lems
I wish hearts were never broken,
that eyes were never wet from tears,
that the clouds would pull aside and show the stars

I wish there were no war,
selfishness, no homesickness
I wish lovers were never
separated from each other

Oh God! in this life a person
can get tired of struggling,
in the way of lovers,
one can be extinguished...

I wish there were no pain,
no tears, no sighs
That lovers were never parted
from each other

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