Thomas O'Halloran

Tony Smith
Lingua: Inglese

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Thomas the Martyr © 2022 Tony Smith

The sheep teacher · Thomas O'Halloran

On 16 August 2022, elderly busker Thomas O'Halloran was murdered as he sat on his mobility scooter. This must have shocked buskers everywhere. Thanks to my partner Gene for her rendition of this song. [Tony Smith]
Ennistymon’s a township in west County Clare
They raise musicians and good people there
But they have reason to grieve they say
For Thomas O’Halloran was murdered today

Tom busked accordion in west London streets
Raising donations for people in need
The ill, the homeless and of late
Families fleeing the war in Ukraine

Shoppers agreed that his music was sweet
And he was polite to folk he did meet
Eighty seven years old he was far from agile
But rode gamely on a scooter mobile

He thought a stranger was a friend unmet
But one abused his helplessness
And murdered poor Tom right where he sat
Who understands evil like that?

Tom was a grandfather his memory remains
He’s in busker’s heaven alongside the saints
Angelic harpists play for him there
For of good deeds Tom did his share

inviata da Tony Smith - 1/10/2022 - 02:24

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