Do You Ever Wonder?

Lorne Clarke & Tom Flannery
Lingua: Inglese

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© 2004 Tom Flannery and Lorne Clarke
a production
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rwandaThis is not a history lesson. We're not historians. We're songwriters. And anyway... how the hell is anybody going to explain the systematic state sponsored slaughter of close to a million people with a handful of songs? We're not.

Truth is, there is no explanation for the Rwandan genocide. What there is in abundance, however, is ignorance. If these songs make just one person dig a little deeper, then we've made our money back, so to speak. We've touched upon specific pieces of the horror, but don't even pretend to be able to understand it from the Rwandan point of view. We're observers from afar. Interested, heartbroken observers....but merely observers nonetheless. Please keep that in mind.

All of these songs are solo acoustic performances...recorded live with a digital 8 track studio in Northeastern Pennsylvania. The full lyrics are available, as are the complete recordings in both mp3 and quicktime formats. Notes for each song are provided, giving some insight into the creative process....and explaining where explanations are necessary. The entire project is only available via the internet. There is no "official" CD of this music. This is strictly an "online" project.
This is partly due to economics, but also because once a CD is released, it can't be changed. We're likely to add new songs here at any time.

Individual essays are also posted, because some ideas that we have probably can't be conveyed using the song form alone. These too will probably grow in time. Also, a brand new play by playwright Tom Flannery called Rwandan Eyes is available exclusively here.

Everything here is free. Listen, distribute freely, discuss.

Do everything but steal.

Tom Flannery & Lorne Clarke.


I do.
Do you ever wonder about the Lord above
with all this wholesale killing
Do you wonder why he's detached
and not altogether willing
to jump into the fray
and wipe the stain away
do you ever wonder?

Do you ever wonder about religion
and looking up towards the sky
me blowing you up when you don't believe
in the same God as I
or you can kill me
and then He'll see
do you ever wonder?

Do you ever wonder about the president
and what goes through his head
when he turns on the TV news
and sees another soldier dead
maybe he wishes it all away
maybe bows his head to pray
do you ever wonder?

Do you ever wonder about Rwanda
and the things that happened there
or is the truth of it just too much
for a God fearing mind to bear
blood still stains the ground
the dead still don't make a sound
do you ever wonder?

Do you ever wonder if there is a God
maybe it's all been a lie
and there's a whole lotta nothing waiting for us
when we lay down to die
would that make you feel
like you got a bum deal
do you ever wonder?

inviata da CCG/AWS Staff - 17/9/2007 - 22:53

I am a teacher in Miami and I wanted to know how I can play the songs on the computer for my students. We are doing a unit on Genocide and these songs would be perfect for my students to learn from. How can I play them over the internet? I do not own a mp3 or ipod to download them. My students have already read the lyrics and would benefit even more if they could listen to the songs as well. Is there a way that I can play these songs on the computer in my class?
Thank you for any help you can give me in this matter.

Renee Sabljak - 13/5/2009 - 20:08

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