Georgia English
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Album: Pain and Power
Pain and Power

Georgia English is a Nashville-based singer-songwriter who recently released the poignant album Pain and Power. This collection of tunes could be considered a musical journal that chronicles English’s experiences of overcoming trauma. It also includes a companion illustrative book that is meant to complement the tunes’ weighty messages. This collection of songs is a prime example of how the personal often intersects with the political.

Along with the individual experiences, English also includes insights on collective healing and pointed social commentary. This includes the tracks “America,” “Who” and “Statue of Jesus” which examine America’s systemic ills.

On “Who” it bemoans modern-day issues such as disunity, fake news, babies in cages, and “all lives matter”, but reminds the listener that none of this is new.

The lyrics include the timely inquiry “Could it be a broken system. Or did we design it this way?”

There is often discussion about how to fix a broken system. But maybe the question we should be asking is how do we dismantle and rebuild? Artists such as English play an important role in contributing to this needed dialogue.

Daily Dose of Protest: Georgia English – Who

They-say-this-country’s never been more divided.
We all know that’s not true
Reminiscing ‘bout days united
Don’t we all know who they’re talking ‘bout

We don’t see color anymore
White Jesus loves you if you’re green or blue
But when the president screams about thugs don’t we
Don’t we all know who he’s talking about


Babies boarded up along the border
Better change the channel, better call it fake news
When we preach “save the children”
Don’t we all know who we’re not talking ‘bout


This country’s never been more shattered
We all know that’s not true
When we scream “all lives matter”
Don’t we all know who we’re talking ‘bout

Well this country’s been bloated with the sickness
Brought up on Twinkies by the great white race
Could it be a broken system
Or did we design it this way?


9/10/2021 - 23:11

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