Ground Zero

The Shirts
Lingua: Inglese

Street Light Shine (1979)
You hear the sirens
and you start to wonder
Whether those sounds you heard
were distant thunder
Out the window there's a blue car
You know it's only minor homicide
You draw the curtains then you...
draw the curtains

Going down
Down below
Down to ground zero

Buildings and monuments, rice fields
and tundra
Patiently waiting for the
atomic rumble
Any time now, maybe Tuesday
Till then I'll just wrap myself in foam
And sing apocalypso
Stick to my senseless

Going down
Down below
Down to ground zero

Where you see patriots, me
I see pirates
Where you see generals, me
I see gangsters
Playing games, on the big board
The rest of us just sit and watch

Situation comedy
Situation calmly

Going down,
Down below
Down to ground zero

inviata da Joaquim Abreu - 25/3/2021 - 15:55

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