On This Cold Night in Syria

Lee Brickley
Lingua: Inglese

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Songs for the revolution

There’s fire lighting up the sky
Mortars are overhead
The native people of these lands
are now displaced or dead
And in amongst the madness
there are thousands of refugees with nothing to eat

On a cold night in Syria

There’s angels watching over them
with rifles in their hands
The protectors of the people
every woman and man
And if you ever fought for freedom
with them you should stand where the martyrs died

On a cold night in Syria

Hear the children screaming in the streets
because mom and dad have died
This war machine's an industry
Rotten and sour inside
There’ll be snipers on the rooftops
and bodies on the ground when the sun goes down

On a cold night in Syria

So spare a thought, shed a tear,
do everything you can
Their villages are battlefields
Their cities overran
The fighter jets are raining down hellfire in the sand
In Kurdistan

On this cold night in Syria

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