Procol Harum
Lingua: Inglese

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Heartbreak House
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(Procol Harum)

Lyrics & Music by Gary Brooker and Keith Reid
Album: Salty Dog [1999 reissue bonus track]
Salty Dog

Produced by Denny Cordell and recorded 10/07/68, this is an unreleased performance mixed down from the original four-track tape, that was originally intended to be included on the Shine On Brightly album. Brooker's vocal on this track is merely there to guide the group as they work out the song in the studio, and is obviously not representative of how any finished version of this track would have sounded. It is, however, the only surviving take of McGreggor to feature any kind of vocal performance, and as such the historical importance of the whole outweighs the technical imperfections of any of its parts!

McGreggor was a soldier brave
A soldier brave was he
And after fighting forty years
He said, "That's it for me"
His corporal said, "I'll see you dead
before I'll see you free."
McGreggor said, "Then I'll be dead,"
And shot his corporal through the head

So after fighting forty years
And fighting valiantly
They took McGreggor by the neck
And hung him from a tree
They hung him from a tree they said
"'cause we'd be safe if he was dead
And when he died, his loved ones cried
I hope mine cry for me, for me
I hope mine cry for me, for me"

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Lingua: Inglese

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McGreggor era un soldato coraggioso
un prode soldato egli era
e dopo aver combattuto per quarant'anni
disse: « Per me è abbastanza ».
Il suo caporale gli disse: «Ti ucciderò
prima di vederti libero».
McGreggor rispose: «Per allora sarò morto»
e sparò al suo caporale in testa.

Così dopo aver combattuto per quarant'anni
e combattuto valorosamente,
appesero McGreggor per il collo,
lo impiccarono a un albero
impiccandolo a un albero dissero:
«Perché ci sentiamo tranquilli con lui morto
e, da morto, i suoi cari lo hanno pianto.
Spero che anche i miei piangano per me
Spero che i miei piangano per me, per me»

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