Politicians in My Eyes

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Scritta da Bobby Hackney, uno dei tre fratelli afroamericani da cui era composta questa punk band di Detroit
Singolo poi incluso nell'album "... For the Whole World to See", registrato nel 1975 ma pubblicato solo nel 2009
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... For the Whole World to See

Un pezzo incredibile, devastante, che non conoscevo, con una suite strumentale incendiaria...
Si ispiravano ai britannici The Who e ai loro concittadini MC5...
Erano neri, erano punk, e vennero prima di parecchi celebri gruppi punk bianchi...
Ma non ebbero fortuna, nessuno pubblicò il loro primo possibile album...
Le loro registrazioni dimenticate furono riscoperte nel 2008 dai figli di Bobby Hackney e finalmente pubblicate, più di trent'anni dopo...

1, 2, 3, now

The number one biggest game
It's when they gain the most fame
It's like a race to the top
Because they wanna be boss
They don't care who they step on
As long as they get along

Politicians in my eyes

They could care less about you
They could care less about me
As long as they are to end
The place that they want to be
They're always wearing false smiles
I guess it goes with the style

Politicians in my eyes

Always tryin' to be slick when they tell us the lies
They're responsible for sending young men to die
We have waited so long for someone to come along
And correct our country's law
But the wait's been too long

It's really sickening to see
The way they lie on TV
The truth is that he can be
A better man than you see
But when decision time comes
That's when they have all the fun

Politicians in my eyes

They're always tryin to convince
Just like we don't have the sense
They look just like it's a quiz
But they do real stupid things
They'll tell you to trust in them
Because you're their biggest friend

Politicians in my eyes

Reaching out, shaking hands
Making friends and other plans
Some will rise, some will fall
Some won't even answer calls
Look a here, see them fight
See the twinkle in their eye
Politicians tell me why
Can't you hear the people...

inviata da Bernart Bartleby - 12/4/2020 - 22:00

"... Sono sempre lì ad impomatarci mentre ci dicono bugie
Sono responsabili di mandare giovani alla morte
Abbiamo aspettato così tanto che arrivasse qualcuno
Che correggesse la legge del nostro paese
Ma l'attesa è stata troppo lunga...

B.B. - 12/4/2020 - 22:28

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