Waiting for Their Checks to Come

David Rovics
Lingua: Inglese

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At least ten million renters in the US began the month of April, 2020 by withholding their rent -- for most of them, because it was either pay rent this month, or eat. Those among the now teeming ranks of the unemployed and housing insecure in the US who qualify for it are now anxiously awaiting the money the federal government says it will start disbursing in the coming week.
The world shut down last month
They said go work from your home office
And if you're a doctor or a checkout clerk
Thank you for your service
But for most everybody else
Out of work and unessential
Looking at the mailbox
For something consequential
Waiting for their checks to come

Each time I leave the apartment
The scene is a bit grimmer
The faces look more desperate
The margins getting slimmer
More people at the bus stop
Who knows where they're heading
Searching for something to grab on to
As they try to keep on treading
Waiting for their checks to come

A herd of deer are roaming
Through the center of the town
Pretty soon the hunters might show up
Start mowing them down
More folks thinking
How they might get what they need
More and more talk of changing
This system based on wealth and greed
Waiting for their checks to come

The buds are blooming on the trees
Spring is in the air
It seems like such a mismatch
With this tension everywhere
You can cut it with a knife
You can shoot it with a gun
At least if you bought ammunition
Before there was a run
Waiting for their checks to come

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