Max Richter
Lingua: Strumentale

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Composta da / Composed by /
Composée par / Säveltäjä : Max Richter
Album: Memoryhouse



Memoryhouse is the 2002 debut album by neo-classical composer Max Richter. Originally released in 2002 under the Late Junction label, the album was reissued by FatCat Records in 2009 and 2014 with alternative album artwork.

Memoryhouse received largely positive reviews from contemporary music critics. Pitchfork Media gave the album a very positive review in a retrospective review for the 2014 reissue on FatCat, stating:

Memoryhouse has become a landmark of the amorphous scene that would eventually earn the tags "post-classical" or "indie classical." Memoryhouse remains audacious but careful, intimate but vivid, innovative but reverent. In 2002, Richter’s ability to weave subtle electronics against the grand BBC Philharmonic Orchestra helped suggest new possibilities and locate fresh audiences that composers such as Nico Muhly and Michał Jacaszek have since pursued. As you listen to new work by Julianna Barwick or Jóhann Jóhannsson, thank Richter; just as Sigur Rós did with its widescreen rock, Richter showed that crossover wasn’t necessarily an artistic curse. Nearly a dozen years later, the material finally got its due.


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