The Most Feared Typhoon

Javier Miro
Lingua: Inglese

Javier Miro

The song is about the people who creates wars , specially dedicated to the people who lied about weapons of mass destruction or terrorist treats to invade and destroy entire populations named Bush, Hclinton,Tony Blair etc
The true about the war
When the fearless power
built with their tools
a silly house of cards
and their filthy arguments
of their hate revived
enticing the fools
The most feared Typhoon has not yet arrived

If the present exposed
their satanic intentions
like the cornered rats
Like a beast in a sack
They will not hesitate
For a second, to attack
With their senseless smile
And their merciless guns
The most feared Typhoon put his feet on your plate

And attempting to wreck
Any person who feels
and the eyes of children
or the weakened peace
by spreading the dead
until everything smells
like their putrid stink.
like their ambitious dreams
The most feared Typhoon is the cold on your knees

inviata da Javier Martin Miro - 1/8/2018 - 02:08


JAVIER MIRO - 1/8/2018 - 02:20

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