Make Love Not War

Manfred G. Ottinger
Lingua: Inglese

Words and Music Manfred G. Ottinger


Soldier lay your rifle down.
Time to lose that wicked frown.
Open your heart to peace and love.
Love up above at the soaring white dove.

Pilot fly your bomber back to Earth.
The war you wage just ain’t worth,
the countless, blameless innocent lives,
the children, the seniors, the waiting wives.

Sailor bring your battleship back to shore.
You don’t want to shoot torpedoes anymore.
More casualties we just can’t afford.
All we need is harmony and accord.

Baby! Make love not war!
You don’t need to fight no more!
Love is all you need to live for!
Baby! Make love not war!

31/3/2018 - 18:46

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