Allegiance to No-One

Lingua: Inglese

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L'obbedienza cieca ti porterĂ  alla morte. Riferimento ai test nucleari effettuati dai governi degli Stati Uniti nel deserto del Nevada a partire dagli anni '50
Nevada desert
A mushroom cloud in the sky
And soldiers forced to walk
On that radiated soil
An order is an order
But now they're slowly dying
There is no proof, it seems
No reason for a trial...
Sergeant said there was no danger
"You've got a film-badge, so you're safe..."
For nearly 30 years the matter
Has been hushed up
Now all witnesses are dead
So there's no proof

You're so stupid
You're so dumb, taking orders without thinking
Allegiance to no one...
They said you'd see the beginning of the atom-era
But you didn't live long enough to tell...
Allegiance to no one
I won't pledge allegiance to one flag
Not to one man

10/3/2018 - 23:31

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