In Your Lap

Lingua: Inglese

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Parole e musica di Steven Patrick Morrissey
Nell’album intitolato “Low in High School” (significativamente sottotitolato “Axe the Monarchy”)

Low in High School
The Arab spring called us all
The people win when the dictators fall
I heard a bang, and an almighty crack
And I just want my face in your lap

The people sing when the warlords all burn
Do not feel sad, it's simply their turn
They tried to wipe us clean off the map
And I just want my face in your lap
I just want my face in your lap

I rescued you in so many ways
You're good for a laugh, that's all you can say
Summer is winter, and winter prevails
And I'm so tired of counting the days
I am so tired of counting the days

The security force is always the worst
Government advised they're spraying our eyes
They live to kill and they love just to harm
And I'm dreaming of touching your arm

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