The Disappeared (Los Desaparacidos)

Christy Moore
Lingua: Inglese

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Lyrics by Wally Page
Mamma still waiting for someone to say
Sara Christina was found yesterday
And the ghost of not knowing still eats her away
Sara Christina’s still missing
In El Salvador that’s the way that it is
Say what you feel and you run all the risks
Of ending up on the casualty list
Lost but never forgotten

Los Desaparacidos

Los Paradiso covered in mist
Friends start acting like strangers
Beware of the dangerous Judas kiss
That carries you away
Stand with the Union, You’re taken up wrong
Stand with Romero they’ll block out the sun
As the Air Force lands in your face with a gun
And carries you away

The dirty face of a dirty war
On the streets of San Salvador
No fandango in here anymore
They’ve taken it all away
This could be paradise free of the spell
Of the Yankee dollar bills from hell
That keeps all the jailers and generals well
While the innocent ones go missing

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