Reasonable Men

Warrick Sony
Lingua: Inglese

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(Warrick Sony)
(Warrick Sony)
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Ideata da Warrick Sony (nato Warrick Swinney, 1958-), compositore, produttore, musicista e sound designer sudafricano, bianco.
Musica di Warrick Sony e del suo gruppo, i Kalahari Surfers
Nell'album “Living In The Heart Of The Beast”

Living In The Heart Of The Beast

This track contains excerpts from State President P.W. Botha's famous "Rubicon"speech (15 Aug 1985). It is intercut with utterances by Brigadier Visser of the South African Police.


Il brano è il risultato di un mix di alcuni passaggi di un discorso di Botha, penultimo premier del Sudafrica razzista, con alcune frasi tratte da dichiarazioni stampa del capo della polizia di quel regime, tal brigadiere J.F. Visser.
Movement will be restricted
“I call on all well meaning and reasonable South Africans to take hands in these times and to stand together to restore order and peace.”
“I wish to give assurance that law-abiding people have nothing to fear as from midnight today.”
Movement will be restricted
“Nothing to fear” in a particular area.
“The government has shown utmost patience especially in black townships.”
“It is the duty of the Government to ensure that a normal community life can no longer be tolerated however, I cannot ignore the insistence of all responsible South Africans who ask that those persons and institutions that cause or propagate disruption be terminated as soon as this is justified by local conditions.”
Movement will be restricted
“In-in closing”
“In-in closing”
“I just want to say that South Africa has the ability to rise above pettiness”
(government people)
“and violence”
(development board officials)
“I call upon all well meaning and reasonable South Africans to take hands in these times”
(just by way of hypothesis)
“and to stand together to restore order and peace.”

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