Spy vs spy
Lingua: Inglese

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(Spy vs spy)

Xenophobia (Why?)
Well there's nothing good
In morbid nationalism
I got a cynical attitude
About patriotism
But don't get me wrong
There's very large doses
Of mass psychosis
And after trying with all their might
There's still no end in sight

The trouble is
We're all too touchy
Fed enough crap
It's making us mushy
And for all we know
We've got enough troubles
Of our own

So send the soldiers home
Put down the guns
Throw them down
Send the soldiers home
Put down the guns
Melt them down
Send the soldiers home

We are water
From the same springs
We all breathe
And need the same things
We are all just the same

If we aim for the light
In the labour of humanity
Instead of riding
A wave of insanity
Maybe we can get it right

Collective voices
Could stop the fighting
We're only weak
But the weak will be mighty

Have we lost our souls
Do we always do
Just what we're told

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