You Build a Wall

Grace Petrie
Lingua: Inglese

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Per dirla come Marino Severini dobbiamo diventare tutti pontefici, costruttori di ponti... in un mondo che vuole costruire sempre più muri
I know it's hard to keep the flame 
But tomorrow's ours to claim 
Sometimes a battlecry 
Sounds like a lullaby 
Tonight I think we need them both the same 

To everyone who's scared of what they see 
Every time they turn on their TV 
To everyone who's listening to me 
To every single kid I used to be 

You build a wall 
We'll build a ladder 
You're falling leaves 
Dead from the branch 
You'll see how much 
A snowflake matters 
When we become 
An avalanche 
You build a wall 
We'll just get higher 
You don't learn to fight 
From privilege 
Hide in the dark 
We'll light a fire 
You build a wall 
We'll build a bridge 
We'll build a bridge 

Up in your palaces of gold 
Your day's already growing old 
For all the ways you tried 
To conquer and divide 
Your ruin will be all the lies you told 

Compassion lives in every single land 
We're made of something you don't understand 
Stronger than the weapons in your hand 
Bigger than the armies you command

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