Workers Song (American Boy American Girl)

Bryan McPherson
Lingua: Inglese

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Kelly Thomas
(Bryan McPherson)

american boy
Another dead end job
In a dead end life
Its a dead end day
To a dark night
And you work 'til you bleed
And I'll bleed till you go
And I'll bleed all day to sing a song
Can I catch your ear
Did I catch your soul
Do you have a reason?
Do you have a home?
Do you know your rights?
Do you know what you see?
Do you know your life?
Do you know what to be?
Do you know my name?
Cuz this minimum wage
Ain't enough to fill this page.

But I ain't working for you
I'm working for me
I'm working for the people
That depend on me
And I'm doing it for food
For whatever I can
Your breaking the rules
You ain't breaking the man
For the tears that I've cried
For my wasted life
And I'm tired and wasted tonight

American Boy
American Girl
American ploy
For an American world
American life
American death
Its red and its white
With baited breath
Cuz the factories are gone
And the malls will go too
But uncle Sam still wants you
For the red white and blues
And the star studded strife
For the wars we wage
In the middle of the night
And the people who die
In the name of a lie
While the rich get richer
And we're left behind

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