One World, One Chance

Raised Voices
Lingua: Inglese

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Words: Cynthia Cockburn
Tune and arrangement: the South African song Mayenziwe ‘Ntando Yakho
London Political Street Choir
One World, One Chance
We stood, eyes closed, and visualized the world seen from outer space. The
shining, blue-and-white, glassy sphere, supremely beautiful.
We imagined all the earthly sounds we might hear if we listened carefully –
the sighing of winds, breaking of waves, birdsong, animal cries, human voices
in a thousand languages. One song.
We imagined all the movement we might detect – cloud shadows shifting,
tides heaving, rivers flowing, insects swarming, animals leaping, human
beings in their millions going about their work and play. One dance.
We saw so clearly how our world is one. One song, one dance, one world.
How much it matters. And that now might be our one chance to save it.
One song,
One dance,
One world,
One chance.

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